Finding Missouri Shaklee Vitamins and Products

Need to Find Shaklee Products and Vitamins in Missouri?

Use Shaklee vitamins and products to keep your family healthy.This is what I ran into recently. You may know that I am a fan of Basic H and the Cinch Diet Plan.

Well, my dentist’s assistant grew up on Shaklee, but her parents got out of touch and kinda wanted to get back on that wagon with products - but didn’t know where to turn.

Just so happens that the membership I got also allows me to distribute their products. While I didn’t have a card on me with my website (ordered some today, for sure) - so I wrote it out on the back of another.

But that brings me to the reason for this post. Yes, I’m in Missouri and I’m a Shaklee Independent Distributor.

Here’s the pitch from my main site:

Supplements and Weight Loss Shakes are popular - and can save you money if you buy the ones which work.

Shaklee has been around for over 55 years, and people have grown up with their products, but it’s often hard to find a distributor near you.

That’s why we are moving to the Internet to let people know how to find us.

Shaklee has been around over 50 years because of quality products and vitamins.You may not have known that you can get Shaklee products delivered right to your door. It’s been possible for years, but now ordering online has never been simpler - and have it arrive within days.

Just  visit our Shaklee product website: You can easily search for the product you need and order directly.

Or contact us today and we can suggest ways to help you find what you’re looking for.

The point is that your health is up to you. Getting high-quality, natural vitamins and home-care products can improve your active lifestyle with more energy and ease.

All Shaklee products and vitamins are unconditionally guaranteedAll Shaklee products are backed with an unconditional, money-back guarantee. Same as it’s always been.

Time to get these great products back into your life.

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Health and home care are up to you - get Shaklee products and vitamins to maintain your active lifestyle.

Obesity in America - now it’s worse than cigarettes

Why Americans think Obesity is worse than cigarette smoking

You can lose weight with Shaklee Cinch Diet Plan and exercise.Not too hard to find this one. A recent Gallup poll refreshed earlier findings on obesity. It shows that since cigarette smoking has been broadly discredited and reduced, obesity (and overweight conditions) has continued to rise.

"Most Americans say obesity is an "extremely" or "very serious" problem to society, the 81% who do so is up significantly from 69% in 2005, the last time Gallup asked this question. Americans now see obesity as a more serious societal issue than cigarettes — a change from the past."

Of course, you have to thank our way of living in these Western culture nations. Fast food and sedentary lives have replaced home-cooking and high-caloric-throughput of physical labor jobs.

Few of us can now have physically demanding jobs where you actually have to walk a mile or more each day in addition to lifting and really physically working up a sweat during the course of the day. So many have instead started including work-outs in their daily regimen.Others have such a long commute that they are exhausted from simple stress at each day’s end - wanting no more than to sit and watch TV with a beverage of choice at hand.

Diet is another scene entirely. Instead of fast food, we could all be eating healthy home-cooked food made from natural ingredients. But city life demands those long commutes and little access to sources or wholesomely grown food that we can afford.

Those of us who live on farms have this much simpler, since good food and plenty of exercise is built-in to our lifestyles.

This doesn’t mean we can’t get some extra pounds added on.

My own solution to this is to simply steer myself away from unhealthy eating by getting on a shake and supplement diet called the Cinch Inch Loss plan. It’s from Shaklee, which is the leader in natural supplements. Built on studies of athletes, it was found that the amino acid leucine is key to keeping metabolism high by preserving muscle mass.

The trick is that this diet not only has great weight loss shakes (which can involve tons of recipes) but also pays for itself as you quit buying those expensive “latte’s” and fast food “meals” which simply put pounds on. Instead, they have a system of meal and snack bars, as well as teas which are actually less expensive than what you are already paying for. It’s a question of investing in your health instead of cravings for sweets, fats, and salts. You lose no convenience, but actually save time (which your boss will appreciate.)

If you follow the links above, you will be able to get more data on the Cinch Diet Plan which should be useful and help you solve any extra poundage you may want to rid of.

- - - -

Some additonal links on this subject:

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Short Note about Cinch Diet Plan

Cinch Diet Plan gets Results if You Follow Advice

When I finally moved my cattle down to their next pasture - and farther away from the house - I realized that the pounds I regained in the last couple of weeks were due to dropping the mile and 1/3rd which I was walking cross-country every day in checking on them.

For I had my “patient patient" up at the house by now, and so the herd was also there - giving me only a few hundred feet of walking daily, if that.

So, since the calorie intake was not reduced along with the calorie “burning”, extra weight was restored. (Wondered why I wasn’t hungry at night.) And that’s the advice with this Shaklee weight loss program which I didn’t heed.

The rule then becomes - sleep when you’re tired, drink when you’re thirsty, and eat only when you are hungry: but only enough to satisfy, not to satiate. (Pleasantly full, not stuffed.)

And do get some substitute activity if you find yourself temporarily at odd ends.

(Needless to say, I did about 2 miles to check my other pastures, where I could find elderberries this year, and how a remote patch of blackberries was doing…)

One month more of this - and we’ll see how it progresses.

How Cinch Diet Plan Really Works - if you follow it.

Shaklee Diet Plan ShakesUps, Downs, and Side-ways - Cinch Diet Plan Results

While I haven’t been logging my posts about weight-loss and inch-loss progress, it’s not like I haven’t had any.

The problem is, as I’ve found, that if you don’t follow the program, you get different results.

My core problem has been getting past 220lbs. However, I’ve done down 3 pants’ sizes. That is more the result I wanted.

The deal is that if you don’t follow the diet choices, then you simply are rolling the dice. Today, I’m back to 230. Now, I started at 244, so I still have a net loss of 14 pounds. (And don’t forget the 3 pants’ sizes.)

The side benefit is that I have considerably more energy available. So I often will skip the afternoon snacks and have found that “dinner like a pauper”. Result is leftover snack bars and meal bars.

And I adjust this now to enter my final month of this diet. Final, because I entered this with the idea that I’d be able to afford the diet if I took their 4-for-3 month’s purchase special. It was simply a test which concludes when the supplements do.

The idea originally was to move over to a more extreme version for the last month. Unfortunately, the only reference I found was to use water instead of milk, and use 3 scoops instead of 2. For that, I’d also drop my morning banana (which was added tomy morning mix to give it more substance). Probably move that banana to evening, or have it at my lunch - or something.

This is where the diet drops off the cliff, as it were. We are beyond what Shaklee recommends. And means anyone using this for extreme weight loss is on their own.

But I did find this article, which seems to be unique:

Their salient quote is this: 

But I always recommend that you fit Cinch into your life, don’t make your life fit into the Shaklee Diet. Many diets are unrealistic with the rules, the points, the special food to buy with no education on how to cook healthy yourself. Cinch is simple: Drink a protein packed delicious shake for breakfast and lunch ( or just breakfast or Lunch), eat a healthy snack of raw fruits and veggies or a Cinch snack bar when you are hungry and have a  nutritious dinner. Enjoy some Cinch energy tea instead of diet soda and fill in the gaps with powerful nutrients in the Cinch 3-in-1 boost supplements.

Grab and Go, Shake and drink, Move and move and you will see the results. You will enjoy the inches falling away and not miss those lost pounds.

It’s the point, which I found, that you are able to shake these cravings for excessive fats and sugars in your diet. That is the result of the Cinch Diet Plan. Drop fat, improve your metabolism. Make this stuff a part of your life - for real.

That’s the trade-off. And is a consistent point of Shaklee - make their products a part of your life, and improve your quality of living immeasurably. I’ve already gone over the point that the Cinch Diet Plan is affordable simply on dropping out the expensive treats and restaurants and replacing these with a structured diet with their supplements.

Similarly, you can afford to replace your household cleaning compounds by simply shifting over to Basic H and their "Get Clean" product line. They last longer, and are less toxic - plus are designed to be environmentally responsible.

Even with a month left, I already have my “Plan B” in action. The 3-in-1 Cinch daily vitamins are replaced with their Vitalizer set. Cinch is replaced with the less-expensive Soy Protein Vanilla, and as well, the Nutriferon immune booster. It’s called the "Vitalizer Men’s Wellness Pack" This gives me the vitamins and protein I need, as well will then take the immune response booster in order to improve my resistance to infection even higher. You simply can’t beat the quality of Shaklee vitamins. Period. Especially at that price. (Good enough for NASA and all that.)

Practically, what has kept my blogging progress down in this area is that I’ve more energy and have taken on additional projects, which keep me particularly busy. And so you may not hear from me all that much in the coming days - until some of thos projects are completed. (Not to mention earning a living meanwhile…)

What I am happy with is the product of losing the waist sizes and in proving for myself that this Shaklee diet plan works exactly to the degee you follow it just as laid out. Simple. I’ve met no one who has followed it and has been unable to lose weight/inches.

The overall outcome is that now I’m able to simply reduce my input at will, and so able to decrease my weight - all under my own control.

May your results be as effective.

Pest Control Home Remedy - toxin free and it works!

Toxin-Free Pest Control - Home Remedy

Toxin-Free Pest Control - Uses for Basic H, G

Do it yourself - Very economical

Equipment needed:

  1. Garden hose
  2. Ortho sprayer

Step 1: Mix your concentrate

  1. 1½ parts Basic H² (or 3 parts Basic H Classic)
  2. 1 part Basic-Germicide

Steps 2: For Outdoor Use:

  1. Fill Ortho Sprayer (or similar) with concentrate
  2. Set the dial selector at 2 … you will automatically spray a dilute mixture of 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) of concentrate per gallon of water

Basic H Classic 16oz sprayerFor Indoor Use:

  1. Fill 16 oz. (500 ml) spray unit with water
  2. Add ¾ teaspoon of concentrate

Where to Use

  • On lawns for control of fleas, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes
  • On patios & porches for control of flies, spiders & other insects
  • On houses as a house wash and pest control combined
  • On dog houses, dog beds, and kennel runs
  • This mixture is also an effective spray to kill wasps
  • Kills lice and fleas, and is effective as a fly spray on animals: cattle, horses, dogs, chickens, turkeys, pigs, cats (do not get in the animal’s eyes)
  • Controls bag worms and other insects in cedar, pine, and nut trees, etc.
  • Spray as frequently as needed

Most pesticides are guaranteed to work, so why not use them?

The answer is simple … agents toxic to cellular tissue can have devastating effects on the respiratory system, nervous system, and the immune system:

1. Once inside the brain, toxins can alter the ability to concentrate & can lead to nervous system disorders and permanent learning disabilities

2. Toxins overload the immune system & lead to less resistance to colds, flu-like systems, etc.

3. Toxins cause sensitivity of the respiratory system, and lead to proliferation of allergies and asthma

4. Toxins have been linked to liver & kidney damage and many forms of cancer. Recent studies by the National Institute of Health & Safety and the National Cancer Institute, show that leukemia risk increases greatly for children and adults where toxic pesticides are used in the home and garden. A cancer journal reported children under ten, exposed to toxic pesticides in the home or garden at least once a month, have a 7x higher incidence of leukemia.

5. Some toxic pesticides can produce demyelination in nerve bundles and the spinal cord - this can lead to M.S. and paralysis

What are Your Choices?

Are people actually willing to take this risk and contribute to this suffering in order to kill ants, fleas, spiders, moths, and other insects? Certainly, this is sufficient confirmation to persuade every reader of this brochure to never again purchase toxic pesticides.

Basic H2 - all natural, biodegradable surfactant and cleanerBasic H² is an all organic, biodegradable wetting agent … actually making water 300 times “wetter” - it reduces water tension and also improves assimilation by chemically enabling water to bond better with anything it touches. It is concentrated and economical. It was developed in cooperation with nature, as are all Shaklee products. When mixed with water, Basic H² delivers an immediate wetting (surfactant) action, penetrating dirt and emulsifying grease and oil. For this reason, it has been used for almost 50 years as a general purpose cleaner.

Basic G - natural, biodegradable germicide registered with the EPABasic-Germicide, as its name indicates, is a versatile, non-polluting germicide, which is totally biodegradable and will not hurt the environment.

Does it Work?

Since 90% of insects have an oil coating, Shaklee Basic H², as a wetting agent, penetrates the outer shell and actually suffocates the insects. Insects eggs are softened by the spray, which prevents hatching.

NOTE and disclamer: Officially, Shaklee Corporation markets Basic H² as a Household Cleaner and Basic-Germicide as a Highly Concentrated Germicide. These pest control recommendations are not published or endorsed by Shaklee Corporation, but have been gathered from environmental field experts. A surfactant/germicide combination will accomplish similar results on insects. But can you find a pair which work together and are non-toxic as well as biodegradeable?

More information about Basic H is available as linked below: 

Basic H Classic in 30 gallon container for bulk agricultural use and savings

Efficient, powerful, safe, biodegradable, and economical, the world’s most versatile cleaner.

Size: 30 gallon
Basic G can help rid of harmful bacterial contamination spread by flies
Excellent choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or pet area. EPA registered
Size: 32 oz.
Basic H in 5 gallons will help you for farm and home.

Efficient, powerful, safe, biodegradable, and economical, the world’s most versatile cleaner.

Size: 5 gallon

Week 6 - Cinch Diet Plan - Missing 20 pounds!

Progress: 20 lbs. lost in 6 weeks - Cinch Diet Plan

Cinch Inch Loss Diet Plan Works!Started this Cinch Inch Loss Diet at 244lbs. Today: 224lbs. Almost 40% through the diet plan (4 months or 16 weeks).

And went down a waist size (at least.) Starting to see the 6-pack under that surface fat showing up. (Always knew they were there, just well insulated…)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’d shifted into a different diet and work activities. But dropping 8 pounds in a week is something new. (232lbs. last week.)

Again, what I did was to lower my calorie intake and boost my calorie burn rate. Less food, more exercise. And I still have plenty of energy for everything I want to do. Quite a bit of a difference. This seems to give me anecdotal support to the idea that all the fat you are carrying around is really just slowing down your metabolism. So the more fat you burn off, the easier it is to burn off more fat. (And so the easier it is to keep it off.)

And it meant I became familiar with what hungry was. Not ravenous, just knowing that I could eat - but didn’t have to. I touched on this concept slightly in that last post, but could say more in this area. 

To my mind, a person has to be in touch with their body enough to know what thirst, hunger, and tiredness really are. And solve each according to its needs, not substituting something else. I’ve heard before that people eat when they are actually thirsty. And people toss back stimulating energy drinks when they are tired. You are really just putting extra calories away which will more likely turned into fat - which again slows you down.

My ideas at this point:

  • When you’re thirsty, drink water.
  • Be hungry before every meal. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger: don’t overeat to feeling “stuffed”. 
  • When you’re tired, either sleep or nap. Get up when you are rested or refreshed. 

Of course, this can play hob with any schedule. (It helps that I freelance and farm the rest of the day. I am my own boss.)

This is exactly why I took on the Cinch Transformation Challenge. I’ll be seeing exactly what 4 months of this diet can do for a person. Since I blog, I’ll keep this whole scene (mostly) going as a blow-by-blow. Or hope to, at any rate. 

I wanted to see if this stuff worked. It didn’t hurt that I can always send back the empty boxes and get a full refund - no questions asked. So there was literally nothing to lose. Plus I got in on the special offer of the last month free - so it’s a discount you can’t pass up.

Again, what I changed this last week was the above. Especially in the afternoon and evening, if I wasn’t hungry, I put off eating. Instead of eating the full meal bar, I’d eat half and save the remainder until later or the next day. Your snack bars are basically half of a meal bar. And different flavors. So that’s another option. Oh, and the fruit I was eating in the evening was oranges. (Banana’s have a higher fat content.)  This fills the need for “food” toward the evening - and the general rule is to eat essentially nothing after dinner. A low calorie fruit fits here. (I imagine celery would be another great option.)

My meals now are these:

  • Breakfast is a Cinch Shake with a banana. (Occasionally, I throw in some cinnamon or use a different shake flavor - can’t wait until our garden-fresh strawberries come in later this summer - and our peaches…)
  • Mid morning snack (after farm chores) is my (big) mug of coffee with honey. And a peanut butter/jelly half-sandwich on whole wheat.
  • Lunch is whatever, but I just watch the portions and keep it heavy on vegetables and lighter on meat portions.
  • Afternoon is a tall iced glass of tea (kinda dilutes the Cinch Tea, but the flavor still comes through, as well as the energy it gives.) When I feel like it (about 3 hours or so later), I’ll have a Cinch snack bar.
  • Dinner is depending on how much I want to eat. It’s becoming more of a half Cinch meal bar - or even none, if that snack bar was late enough in the day. (Eat only when you’re hungry, remember?)
  • Anything after dinner time (or within 3 hours before sleeping) is fruit - oranges.

And we’ll see how this goes next week. I see my energy staying higher than before and I’m more interested in taking on various projects now which I was putting off due to lack of energy before. (I’m even considering tidying up and organizing the barn, it’s gotten that extreme…) I’m not expecting to keep dropping 8 pounds a week - I figure that it’s going to plateau at some level where my input and output match. Target right now is to get under 200lbs (I graduated high school at 185, mostly muscle, so that would be a good level to regain.)

Just hoping your diet is going as smoothly. Cheers!

Diet Plans: How your “Sugar Belly” is slowly killing you off

Diet Plans: Our Addiction to Sugar is our fat creator

Sugar is the stuff our beer bellies are made from.What makes any diet plan hard to keep, and what makes our extra fat to begin with are one and the same. Sugar.

This one flavoring and additive is also what sells us the fast food, treats, and so on that is causing all out pre-diabetic conditions. However, we are the ones who buy this stuff, so don’t think I’m going to get on a rant about the big, bad, corporate evils out there. Our bellies and thighs are what we did to ourselves. Even if your family has a heredity factor for being heavy-set - if you know about it, you can do something about it.

My sister brought me an article the other day that actually got me to stop everything until I’d read it completely through. (Rare in these days of Internet video’s and scanning web pages.) I had gone for a blood screening our local Cattleman’s Association put on (before I started this diet) and we were both stumped on what “triglycerides” were in the results. (They roughly measure sugar content in your blood.) This article was an eye opener.

I searched around and found it on Free Online Library, almost exactly like it was published. And I want to take some excerpts in review of it below (emphasis added):

Beer belly can give you higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and gout.You’ve heard of a beer belly. Now there’s new evidence that the fructose in added sugars may send more of your extra calories to that bulge where your waist used to be.

For years, researchers have found a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, gout, and weight gain in people who consume more sugar-sweetened beverages. Now a flurry of new
studies suggests that our out-of-control sweet tooth is connected to our out-of-control belly fat.

And it’s that kind of fat that may cripple the body’s ability to use insulin, setting the stage for diabetes and heart disease.

Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, coffee drinks, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, granola bars, chocolate, ice cream, sweetened yogurt, cereal, candy. The list of sweet temptations is endless.

The average American now consumes 22 to 28 teaspoons of added sugars a day—mostly high-fructose corn syrup and ordinary table sugar (sucrose). That’s 350 to 440 empty calories that few of us can afford.

How much added sugar is too much? Cutting back to 100 calories (6 1/2 teaspoons) a day for women and 150 calories (9 1/2 teaspoons) a day for men might mean slimmer waistlines and a lower risk of disease.

This is the key point. Look over what you are eating and see how much of it has been “sweetened”. Tons of the stuff in almost everything we eat. And the “funny” part is that we’ve now been conditioned to think (Westernized) that food is supposed to be sweet all the time.

Deep Belly Fat (Visceral) is created by too many sweetened drinks.Clearly, too many calories from anything—sugary beverages, beer, burgers, fries, pizza, ice cream, or dozens of other foods—explains why many American waists have been replaced by a spare tire.

And studies haven’t found that you’d gain more pounds from, say, 100 calories of added sugars than from 100 calories of other foods. But calories from fructose (which is found only in added sugars and fruit) may be more likely than other calories to aim for your waist.

To find out if fructose is destined to end up around your midsection, researchers compare fructose to glucose (which is found in added sugars but is also the building block of starches).

The first solid evidence came in 2009. Researchers gave 32 overweight or obese middle-aged men and women 25 percent of their calories from beverages sweetened with either fructose or glucose for 10 weeks. Both groups gained the same weight (about three pounds). But their new fat didn’t all go to the same place.

"We saw an increase in visceral fat in people fed fructose," says study author Kimber Stanhope of the University of California, Davis.

Visceral (deep belly) fat is more closely linked to a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than subcutaneous (just
below the skin) fat.

That’s the rub. This deep belly fat is what is increasing our chances of getting heart disease and diabetes.

Studies into diabetes and sugary drinks also lead to cardiovascular disease findings.The link between diabetes and sugars is clearest when researchers look at sugary drinks.

"We summarized the results from eight studies," explains Harvard’s Vasanti Malik. All told, the meta-analysis pooled
data on more than 300,000 people. (14) The results: “For each 12 oz. serving of a sugarsweetened beverage you drink per day, you’re getting about a 15 percent increased risk for diabetes,” says Malik. “So it really doesn’t take much to increase your risk.”

"Fewer studies have looked at cardiovascular disease," she observes. "But we found an increased risk."

When Malik and colleagues tracked 88,000 nurses for 24 years, those who consumed at least two sugar-sweetened beverages a day had a 35 percent higher risk of heart attack than those who drank less than one a month.

Sugar-sweetened-beverage drinkers also have a higher risk of the metabolic syndrome, which can lead to type 2 diabetes or heart disease. (14,16) (You have the metabolic syndrome if you have at least three of the following:

elevated blood sugar, blood triglycerides, blood pressure, or waist circumference, or low HDL cholesterol.)

If you thought this was bad, it’s not just the deep belly fat we have to worry about - it’s also the fat we’re putting in our liver from all these over-sweetened foods.

…[T]he people who drank a liter a day of sucrose-sweetened cola didn’t just have more visceral fat. Their liver and muscle fat more than doubled. …

Why does liver fat matter? When the body stores fat anywhere but in fat cells, it’s called “ectopic” fat. And ectopic fat, especially in the liver, means trouble.

"When liver fat levels go up, that may trigger the sequence of events that leads to insulin resistance," says Stanhope.

That’s when insulin loses its ability to admit blood sugar into cells. It’s often the first step on the road to diabetes or heart disease. The liver may also explain why fructose leads to higher levels of triglycerides.

"Fructose gets metabolized by the liver very quickly," says Welsh. "When there is more sugar than the liver can process, it converts the sugar to fat. Some of the fat goes into the bloodstream, and that’s why we get elevated triglycerides."

What’s more, in Stanhope’s study, the fructose drinkers burned less fat (and more carbohydrate). “The body doesn’t make fat and burn fat at the same time,” she explains.
“In our study, fat oxidation got blocked every time people drank the fructose drink because that fructose is getting turned into fat.”

Here’s the bottom line - the more sugar you eat, the less the body has to digest and so it stores it all as fat. That fat (both deep belly and liver types) is actually preventing your body from normal function. So you are setting yourself up for illnesses and chronic diseases which will make your retirement a living hell on earth. (No wonder health insurance is so high.)

The point is that you are better off taking control of your life and living with a decent diet to begin with. Preventative medicine is where all this is heading. All the pills and surgeries are useless when you’ve already wrecked your health with lack of good choices and self-control.

Cinch diet plan can wean you off a sugar-loaded lifestyle - to get your health back.So I continue with my Cinch diet plan. It’s not easy, but it’s effective and as good as they can possibly make it. Yes, all these shakes and teas and meal bars have some sort of sweetener in them to make them taste “good”. However, the point with these is that you now are learning to eat less with your portions and be aware of the calories you are putting in your body. Since the diet shakes fill you up, plus the supplements give you the energy you need, you don’t need to be constantly snacking and keeping “diet” drinks around. As this Cinch Transformation scene continues, I’m finding out more and more about myself and how these things tend to work. I’m also finding out more about how the conventional wisdom of this society we live in is slowly decreasing our life spans.

Of course, and as usual, I don’t expect you to take my word for all this. It’s more that you need to do your own research. And if you are really interested, I’d suggest you try the Cinch Starter Kit and see how these shakes and bars and such agree with you. 2 weeks worth, plus the measuring tape, odometer, and what not. If you like it, take the Transformation challenge.

Up to you - like everything in your life.

More information about the Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan can be found as linked below: